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When I met Jameson I had already been exercising regularly for most of my adult life. Although I considered myself healthy and fit overall, motherhood and gravity had taken a big toll on certain parts of my body – specifically my glutes and core. I was feeling stuck in a little bit of a rut and was in need of a structured plan and accountability. Jameson developed a program specifically tailored to my goals of attaining a more lean physique and defined glutes, while still considering the unique features of my body! While coaching we’ve improved a tight right hip, less than stellar right knee, and weak lower abs from 2 C-sections.

Jameson immediately introduced me to a host of exercises to target my glutes from EVERY angle! Most of them were new to me, and like many women, I had generally avoided lifting heavy weight because it was outside of my comfort zone. Now under Jameson's coaching, I am able to lift heavier weight with good technique and confidence! Romanian dead lifts, once unknown to me, are one of my favorite moves, and I can hip thrust more than my husband weighs! :)

The majority of our workouts have focused on glute and core training, and the results in those areas have been significant! I am wearing jeans I haven't worn in years - filling out the backside with no muffin top! The benefits of the program Jameson has crafted for me, however, have extended well beyond those body parts. My body feels more controlled in every other form of exercise I perform. My endurance as a runner has increased, and the function of my right knee has steadily improved! In addition to exercise, Jameson has introduced some new strategies regarding nutrition that have been amazingly helpful in gaining muscle and overall strength. He has placed health and well being at the center of my program. The atmosphere in Jameson's gym is supportive, always positive and never boring!

My body has been through a lot over the years, and it deserved some attention. I feel and see positive change every day! I can say without a doubt that working with Jameson as a physique coach it is one of the best investments I have made in myself.

The Studio

View our beautiful studio space

View our beautiful studio space

Our beautiful private studio is nestled in the heart of Summerville, in Hensley Crossroads plaza off HWY 78, just near the Coastal Carolina fairgrounds!

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Jameson blade - ACE FITNESS COACH & NUTRITIONIST - Founder

Jameson blade - ACE FITNESS COACH & NUTRITIONIST - Founder

My name is Jameson Blade. I am Senior Coach & Founder of Holy City Fitness: The Lowcountry’s elite private fitness and nutrition studio.


Woo hoo! Down 35lbs already!!! Feeling great, about 20 more to go! Meal plan is spot on!”

-Ozzie Rodriguez, Legal Investigator, West Ashley

”Holy City Fitness is a fun experience! Jameson addressed a lateral hip raise on my right side and tailored each workout to fix the issue. In one month’s time I’m already seeing progress! It’s been a pleasure not only to train with him, but to get to know him. He takes a genuine interest in his clients!

-Sarah Fulton, RN, Summerville