You shouldn’t hire a personal trainer.

With a good trainer you might have fun working out for a couple of weeks, you’ll probably be sore for a few days following each workout, and during that initial honeymoon period you might even feel like you’re on your way to a legendary new physique with each drop of sweat that hits the gym floor.

And there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Visualizing self-improvement is key to attaining it, and all of the aforementioned things are good… Until you hit “The Wall.”

“The Wall” is the point on your fitness journey at which you begin to lose objective sight of your progress and environment.

The lush, dewy mountain views where you began your quest have now given way to a stoney barren wilderness. You’ve gone from envisioning yourself doing endless muscle ups or imagining the curves you’ll flaunt in that strappy high-waisted bikini, to wanting to bathe in moose tracks ice cream and smash your fitbit with a kettlebell.

Each new stretch of the path looks just as grey and rocky as the last, and while you’re not sure if you’re moving forward, you sure as hell feel like you’re moving backwards.

Your workouts are not as much fun as they were the first few weeks. The quick and easy gains that took place early on have waned off- That noticeable first 5 pounds lost, that bit of muscle definition that suddenly appeared in the mirror after just 4 workouts- You’re not having these new experiences like you were when you had just begun.

You might feel like Frodo in Lord of the Rings when he says to Sam, “We’ve been going in circles!” covered in dirt and eating breadcrumbs for every meal, with slimy Smeagol nipping at his heels, accusing him that he’ll never finish his quest.


When you hit The Wall, your self-image begins to play tricks on you. You’re not sure if you lost fat this week or gained it, you’re not sure if you look or feel better or worse than when you started training. You might be getting lighter, yet a glance in the mirror says you look softer than before.

All people pursuing ambitious fitness goals hit this wall at some point. To get past the wall, you need a coach. Coaches are experts in MOTIVATION AND training and nutrition protocols.

A highly-skilled personal trainer can only give you exercise, and no amount of exercise is going to solve your motivation or nutrition problems.

Your trainer might have 17” biceps. They might have washboard abs. They may have placed in a bodybuilding competition. This proves only discipline.

A coach proves their worth in their ability to bring you past obstacles.

Every client is motivated differently, and boasts different genes. There is no fit-all training protocol. Good coaches use responsive methods, because they understand that programming must be customized for each client.

A worthy coach shares responsibility for your personal motivation and success. A coach talks you down off the ledge when you’re ready to quit, and holds you to that 50-pound goal you set the first day. A coach keeps detailed records to keep you engaged with the MEASURABLE results you’ve accomplished since day 1.

So don’t give a trainer your hard-earned money. Don’t pay to tread water. Pay for proof.

Invest in a seasoned coach who will help you melt right through that wall like a smokin’ knife through butter!

a holy city fitness client - before / after - 40lbs down

a holy city fitness client - before / after - 40lbs down