Job Description



Applicant must have experience training clients in a 1-on-1 setting for the purpose of rehabilitation or physical performance. Knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, clinical kinesiology, and basic biomechanics is required. Candidate must have people skills and be familiar with and proficient in working with strength training implements.

Applicant must be willing use our specific client-intake/data management workflow and softwares involved.

Applicant must retain an active Personal Training Certification and/or equivalent license or certification relevant to fitness coaching. (Physical Therapy license, CSCS, Bachelor's in Kinesiology, etc.)

Applicant must have a current CPR/AED Certification

Applicant must retain an active personal training personal liability insurance policy.

Sales experience is a plus.

Smart phone and laptop are required on the job.


Commission-based subcontracting; Paid on a TBD per-session basis, once sessions are sold. We expect our coaches to provide an elite experience and to represent our brand with charisma and confidence- Therefore, we will take care of our coaches well financially.




Fitness coaches at Holy City Fitness contact leads & setup a free consultation and workout for potential personal training clients. Our leads are not cold calls, so you'll be speaking with an interested audience. All coaches are welcome to pull clients from their own personal networks as well as from our own lead pool.

Coaches complete a thorough consultation and pre-workout health-history questionnaire before each trial session, gathering key information to allow tailored, effective, and safe programming to be developed for each unique client.

We expect our coaches to provide a professional and fun experience during each client’s initial workout; We aim to prove immediate value by directly responding to each client's communicated wants. (e.g client says ‘i want toned legs, and leaves with the target area fatigued, making them feel that they have accomplished the goal.)

At the end of each trial session, our coaches pitch the sale, take payment, and schedule sessions with Square.


Our coaches create and write exercise programming based on the clients’ spoken goals, in order to provide the results they want, while also prioritizing and integrating functional and rehabilitative training (whether the client is aware of dysfunctional movement/posture or not) for optimal kinesthetic health.

Coaches are responsible for competently demonstrating exercises using physical touch (with permission) in an authoritative but tactful way.


Coaches will communicate with clients and log data using an established software workflow.
Coaches will keep the studio space neat and tidy to create a professional experience for each client served.

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Other notes:

It is a goal of ours to provide autonomy to Fitness Coaches at Holy City Fitness. We will train each coach in our workflow and demonstrate the practices that we have found best for retaining clients and providing results. Our coaches will have freedom to use the training protocols they prefer, so long as they are safe and effective.

We WANT personality at Holy City Fitness, and each coach's style to shine and be expressed and through their preferred styles of training. We are looking for unique and vibrant people to join our team and bring something integral and new to our training culture. Management may interject with suggestions and concerns, but our aim is to create freedom and an enjoyable workplace environment where coaches can create flourishing relationships with their clients and coworkers so that trust and confidence is the reigning atmosphere in the Holy City studio.

The owner will oversee all programming and reserve the right to interject if something needs to be improved or compromises the reputation or safety at Holy City Fitness.

All Coaches MUST use the intake workflow we provide without deviation- It is thorough and specific, creates a consistent experience for our clientele.

A minimum of 30 days notice is required for resignation from the position.


  1. All professional communications with Holy City Fitness clients must be managed through Slack. (Once a client has purchased and is actively using personal training services.)

2. Providing direct fitness services to any Holy City Fitness client will result in immediate termination.

3. Coaches will not make or take phone calls or text messages during personal training sessions.

4. Coaches must notify the manager via Slack of all sales, sessions no-shows, reschedules, and cancellations.

5. All work inquiries between Coaches and the manager are to be managed through the Slack app to appropriately separate personal and professional business.