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Your journey to incredible health and shape starts with your free trial session! But first, we need to know you're serious about changing your life!

This journey is about lifestyle change. Many people want to improve their health and diet and look great, yet lack commitment when things get tough.

The following questions will help us determine your readiness for personal training and/or group fitness programs.

Once you've submitted this questionnaire we will contact you!

Feel free to call us with any questions at (843) 256-3458.

Name *
Phone *
What physical goal would you like to achieve with your body over the next 90 days? BE SPECIFIC! (e.g "I want to lose 15lbs." "I want to gain 1 inch of muscle on my bum." "I want to decrease my bodyfat 3%")
What workout/nutrition programs have you tried in the past to solve your fitness problem? Why didn't they work?
We only want to work with the most committed and determined applicants! On a scale of 1-10, how COMMITTED are you to completely changing your life?!

Jameson Blade

ACE CPT & Nutritionist
Founder & Senior Coach


Holy City Fitness

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