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My name is Jameson Blade. I am Senior Coach & Founder of Holy City Fitness: The lowcountry's elite private fitness and nutrition studio, located in Summerville.

Throughout years spent conditioning in diverse athletic environments, I observed some suboptimal trends in fitness culture: On behalf of trainers, I witnessed a lot of one-size-fits-all programming, unsustainable diet recommendations and a general disinterest in the underlying thought patterns that continually inhibit clients from personal growth.

There is a general lack of acknowledgement in the fitness industry of that fact that lasting results only occur when clients are shown how to make sustainable habit and attitude changes in addition to implementing an active lifestyle.

At Holy City we coach our clients not only through physical change, but also through internal perspective change.

At Holy City You are not a sales number to us, you are a valuable human being. We see every person who walks through our doors as worthy of optimal health and fitness.

We want you to live well, enjoy life and strength, and to slam the door on sickness and disease.

That is why Holy City Fitness exists.

HCF is an empathetic fitness platform focused on exercise and progressive behavioral change strategies for people of all walks of life who wish to achieve their best health and physique.

At HCF we hold you accountable once you have communicated your goals. We keep your personal training sessions exciting and pertinent to the results you're seeking.

We encourage a positive self-image in every one of our clients, no matter what stage of transformation they are in, or what level of strength they have achieved.

We have all the knowledge and experience necessary to help you build muscle, shed fat, achieve vigorous health and attain your best body!

If you want to be strong, experience health and look great, click the ‘Let’s Train’ button below to claim your free workout! We can’t wait to meet you!