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Private Personal Training

Rates starting at $75/week

Holy City Fitness offers 1-on-1 personal training sessions during which you will enjoy the full attention and detailed instruction of a professional fitness coach in our well-equipped private Summerville studio. 

1-on-1 sessions are perfect for those who value the security of having a qualified professional with them every step of the way on their transformation journey. Holy City Fitness coaches are here for you to coach your form, advise you nutritionally, spot you when you're turning up and hitting PR's, and ultimately, to develop the relationship that's necessary to get you past the sticking points that are holding you back from being your best YOU.

These sessions are specifically tailored to each client according to their individual goals and physical needs. Common inclusions are functional weight training, mobility work, yoga, hypertrophy training, stretching, injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT.)

1-on-1 clients get their own private, 24/7 Slack channel through which all client-trainer assets and interactions are neatly managed. Have a question about a meal out with the gals? Shoot us a message in Slack and we'll answer as soon as we're available!

There are no additional fees, no gym members clogging up the equipment you need, and you can pick your own soundtrack! We'll curate and save a Spotify playlist just for you, and you can add more of your favorite jams to it anytime!


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